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Geared For Performance With Expert Service

30 Years of Real Estate Knowledge Encompassing Preservation and Residential Construction.

We Know Value and Work Intensively For Our Clients.

Working With CorePres National Is Better Because of Our Methods and Management.  We Employ Driven Talent To Ensure The Best Possible Outcome On Your Property Management Needs.  



Property Preservation Is Important To Every Investment 

Going deep into the property to ensure all aspects of the property are functional and or shut down to eliminate the risk of future mishaps is all about what we do.  Keeping our value apparent and clearly visible by delivering the needed structure to operate inside of every service level agreement we endorse.

Every Property Needs TLC and Preventative Maintenance

We give you the power of performance while delivering to you the best service and products at a price that is attractive to any bottom line.  Contact us today for more information on how we can attain your approved methodology and meet your needs.

Preservation & Construction Go Hand-In-Hand With Real Estate 

You can rest assured that when you contract with CorePres National - You are contracting with real professionals who know Real Estate Development and Preservation.  Our Primary Focus These Last 30 Years Has Always Been Property Preseration.

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 Complete Property Inspections

 Winterization & Snow Removal

 Cleaning Services

 Debris Removal

 Superior Estimating Controls

 Hazardous Material Removal

 Lawn Maintenance & Solutions

 Construction Repairs

 Demolition Services

 Boarding (Windows & Doors)

 Lock Changes

 Rekey  & Lockouts

 Vacant Registry/Verifications

 Mold Remediation & Demolition

 Pest Control

 Pool Draining Maintenance & Covering/Protection Services

 Remodeling Services

 Fence & Gate Repair and Replacement

 Emergency Services For Breaking & Entering

 Flooding

 Fire

 Smoke


Experience Matters Most

When you want to rely on results then you want a company like CorePres National.  We drive results and always quality check every work order for proper completion. Contact Us Today For Your Preservation Needs